WindShareFund Foundation

WindShareFund® makes renewable investing widely accessible. Through the WindShareFund Foundation, projects are supported in the field of nature conservation, sustainable technological development and the preservation of our rich cultural heritage.


WindShareFund Foundation has entered into a sustainable partnership with UNESCO World Heritage Kinderdijk and Bears in Mind.

Charles Ratelband is the initiator of WindShareFund Foundation based on the conviction that a future-proof company is sustainable and socially involved.

  • UNESCO World Heritage Kinderdijk

    UNESCO World Heritage Kinderdijk

    UNESCO World Heritage Kinderdijk is a unique location where 19 authentic windmills are the epitome of centuries of water management through the use of wind energy. Nowhere in the world are there so many mills together as in the polder landscape of Kinderdijk.

  • Bears in Mind

    Bears in Mind

    Bears in Mind supports projects worldwide to protect bears in the wild and help bears in need. Bears in Mind is the initiator of Het Berenbos (the bear forrest) in Ouwehands Zoo Rhenen. In Het Berenbos, brown bears that used to be mistreated or had to perform in circuses or theaters are given a carefree life again.